+7 (831) 435-63-07
Russia, 603082, Nizhny Novgorod, Kremlin, building 14
Folk art crafts of the Nizhny Novgorod region
Russia, 603082, Nizhny Novgorod, Kremlin, building 14
+7 (831) 435-63-07
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Golden hohloma

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  • Russia

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About company Golden hohloma

Khokhloma painting is a bright distinctive phenomenon of Russian folk arts and crafts. This traditional art craft originated in the 17th century in the Nizhny Novgorod province and got its name from the large trading village of Khokhloma, where all wooden products were brought for auction. Initially, Khokhloma dishes were made at monasteries and were intended for the royal court. Subsequently, when cheap metal and earthenware dishes competing with Khokhloma appeared on the markets, the unusual coloring of Semenov products ensured their popularity and marketing. So in the XIX century. Khokhloma dishes could be found anywhere in Russia, as well as in Persia, India, Central Asia, the USA and Australia. After the World Exhibition of 1889 export of Khokhloma products sharply increased in Paris ... In 1916 in Semenov the School of artistic processing of wood was opened, the first graduates of which were headed by G.P. Matveev organized a small artel (1931), which later grew into a large production association of the Order of the Badge of Honor "Khokhloma Painting". Since the mid-1960s and to date, the Khokhloma Painting enterprise is the largest producer of art products from wood with Khokhloma painting. Thanks to the talented team, the traditions of ancient masters are preserved and enhanced. And the city of Semenov is rightfully considered the capital of Golden Khokhloma. Magic

The original technology of gilding of wooden products worked out for centuries, which came from the icon-painting, has been practically unchanged to this day. It includes five basic operations. Before becoming “golden”, a wooden product is similar to “clay” and “silver”. First, lathe dishes ready for further processing are made from dried linden wood: bowls and bochata, supplies and vases, spoons and ladles are cut out. They are dried and coated with a special red-brown primer, which makes them all look like clay. Then impregnated with boiled linseed oil (drying oil) and rubbed with aluminum powder. They become dull-shiny, resembling silver, and in this form enter the mural workshop. The painted products are varnished two or three times and hardened in an oven at a temperature of 120-130 degrees. The resulting lacquer film gives the silver surface a golden sheen. Thus, the tree turns into "gold." Thanks to a special varnish coating and high-temperature processing, they are very practical and safe to use. You can drink and eat from Khokhloma dishes, and it does not lose its appearance from cold and hot dishes, as well as salty and sour foods. In addition, all products of the enterprise Khokhloma Painting JSC are certified and protected by the internationally registered trademark of CXP, which means “Semenov. Khokhloma painting. "



    Nizhny Novgorod region, Semenov, 606651, Chkalova 18

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